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Common Job Interview Questions for Everyone

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Do you have any idea of what are the common job interview questions? Well, if not here they are. Study those questions and practice your answers to them.

Job hunting is difficult, that’s the real score. Though there are companies on hiring most of the time you are not qualified or else you fail the interview. Thus you need to know what those common job interview questions are. By knowing them you got this chance to practice your answers. Not only with how you answer the questions but the way you deliver the questions as well. It is really understandable how nerve wracking interviews are that is why if you fail to know what those common job interview questions are then you might probably loose the job you really want.

But since you really need a job you need to be wiser and alert. If you can’t afford to be rejected then you must prepare yourself for the challenge. The common job interview questions will be your saving grace in order for you to get that job! When you search online there are common job interview questions and tips which you can take advantage of. Study them and prepare yourself not only to flatter your employer but for you to develop self-esteem. Actually the common job interview questions will just differ depending on the job industry. Of course, when you are answering the questions you will be basing your answer to the industry or company you are applying also. Like if you need to use examples to make your answer clear then use examples that are related to the company.

Here are the common job interview questions that might help you.

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. What makes you think you are qualified for the position?
  3. Do you think your skills fit the job? How?
  4. Are you comfortable working with others?
  5. What are your key strengths? Weaknesses?
  6. How do you handle pressure?
  7. What is your major achievement, may it be professional or personal in which you think you can be very proud?

While answering one of the common job interview questions-tell me a little bit about yourself it’s not really digging personal information. Your answer would be based on your past working experiences because they are trying to figure out if you are really fit on the job offered.  Meaning to say you are o obliged to tell the interviewer about your status in life.

For the rest of the common job interview questions given here you need to site some examples in which can help you deliver your answer precise and clear. Before you speak, organize your thoughts quickly. Do not mixed up ideas and more importantly, answer the questions directly and be smart! Before you leave the house for an interview don’t forget your brain because common job interview questions and answers need not to be scripted. Not all what of what you read will be the questions. So, you need to use your common sense and feel confident.

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